Statements of former participants

Statements of former participants

We were delighted to receive so much feedback from the attendees of the IIMC 2014 and 2015 with suggestions and constructive criticism. We would like to pass this feedback on to you so that you can see why the IIMC was so successful and why we were motivated to follow it up with the next IIMC conference on March 16 - 17, 2017.


"As a participant at IIMC 2015, I found the speakers and subjects important and the talks engaging. I felt there was a great deal of value in the interaction times with attendees and found the IKV staff were great hosts during the tour of the labs, the beautiful historic city and at the dinner."

Rodney Groleau, B.Eng., MBA (USA)
Founder and Consultant, RJG Inc., Traverse City, MI


"It was my first time at the IIM Conference and, given the excellent international reputation of IKV, I was not surprised to attend a very well structured and highly informative event. The combination of very interesting lectures on different topics – both scientific and business – and the discussion on those topics from the perspective of different regions of the world was impressive and in my opinion offers opportunities for further enhancement. I also very much appreciated the practical demonstration of the high-level, extensive capabilities of IKV in the visited laboratories and the discussions with the scientific staff and students. All in all, the conference for me has shown again the multitude of factors, which need to be considered when defining targets for international strategies and cooperation. Congratulations to Prof. Hopmann and his team!"

Prof. h.c.mult. Helmar Franz, (China)
Executive Director, Chief Strategy Officer, CSO; Haitian International Holdings Ltd.


"Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to speak at IIMC 2015. The participants were a good mix of international attendees from different areas of the injection molding industry and the IKV, allowing excellent discussions between the interesting sessions. Also the IKV tour is always valuable and provides an opportunity to learn about all the current activities at the IKV. Congratulations to Prof. Hopmann and his team on hosting this successful event. I am looking forward to the next IIMC in Aachen and will for sure put it into my schedule."

Dr.-Ing. Oliver M. Becker (Germany)
Executive Director Process Innovation; Yanfeng Europe Automotive Interior Systems Limited & Co. KG

"I was really fascinated with all of your efforts to satisfy the needs of 'technology-hungry' attendees. I have been long searching for such an opportunity to get connected with many a professional, and to keep up to date with all the latest trends in plastic injection molding. I am quite sure I got it all at IIMC 2015 as I expected, and I am very proud that I was with all the professionals from all over the world. One thing I would like you to give positive consideration to is to give more opportunities for technical speech to those who want to share their knowledge and insights. It would be greatly appreciated if you could. Wishing IIMC will continue to prosper!"

Chris Minn, Ph.D. (Republic of Korea)
Research Fellow (VP) / Team Leader, Production engineering Research Institute, LG Electronics Inc.

Dr. Yoshiyuki Tomita

"On behalf of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), let me express our cordial gratitude for IKV´s invitation to the IIMC 2015 and the hospitality all IKV staff showed at the event. The Conference has given us a comprehensive overview on which direction the injection moulding industry is heading. Impressive was also the guided tour of the Institute at Pontstrasse as well as Melaten where I found a host of challenging R&D efforts to realize "lightweight" parts and components as next generation's key enablers. My colleagues and I are looking forward to seeing you again at the 3rd IIMC in 2017."

Dr. Yoshiyuki Tomita (Japan)
CTO Corporate Technology Operations G., Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.


“Congratulations to Prof. Hopmann and his team at the IKV to a highly successful inaugural International Injection Moulding Conference. The conference entailed the latest developments in injection molding technology, competently moderated by Dr. Hans Wobbe, and brought together industry experts from many parts of the world. I have enjoyed the lectures, the tour of the Institute and the social program with the opportunity to meet injection molding professionals from around the world. I would highly recommend the conference to anybody with an interest in global injection molding technology developments.”

Steve Braig
President & CEO Trexel Inc., Wilmington, USA


“I found the conference very exciting with so many opportunities to exchange     thoughts and ideas with all those participants. Though global competition is becoming more and more tough, IIMC gave us chance to frankly discuss with people from various industries for the better future of the plastic molding technology in general. Business profit, though important, set aside, my being able to focus more on the aspect of pure technology was of great value for me.”

Dr.-Eng. Toru Hirata
Senior Engineer Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., Technology Research Center, Kanagawa, Japan

“I was given the chance to give a presentation at the first IIMC 2014, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks. The two days provided a very good mix of lectures, discussions, visits to the Institute’s pilot plants and, not least, a pleasant “Social Events” evening. I found the internationality of the participants and speakers particularly positive. The lecture on the state of the art in processing technology, especially for the production of composite parts, was very valuable to me. A lively discussion arose on this subject which showed that this conference really does have its finger on the pulse of the times. I can only recommend participating at this conference and look forward to coming back to IIMC in Aachen again in 2015.”

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Knaup
Head of Customer Engineer Services, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Dormagen, Germany


"Extremely educational, fantastic networking, a great time, with great people, is the best summary of my experience with the 2014 IIMC in Aachen. The conference is very well done, and the social events were a pleasure, getting many new contacts for state of the art technology revolving around injection molding.I was amazed at the amount of new technologies covered, and to see it first hand with samples being made during the tour sealed the deal for this being one of the best technology conferences I’ve ever attended. I am putting together a presentation to share this knowledge with my colleagues at Microsoft, and already have plans to use several of the technologies covered. Impressively innovative in combining other manufacturing processes with injection molding, finding ways to push the limits, and to open the door to significantly lighter and stronger parts. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"

David Platt
Senior Mechanical Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA


“I really appreciated the IIMC 2014 at Aachen. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to have an overview for the state of the art in the injection molding technology in Europe. The social event gave me a chance to make valuable networks in Europe. The Christmas market at Aachen Dom Platz made me remember Aachen as a beautiful place. The engineers of Korean companies accompanied with me appreciated the conference for the excellent quality of the presentations. The first IIMC was a well-organized conference. I thank all the IKV members for their efforts to prepare the conference. I would like to join again the conference next time.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Byung-Ohk Rhee
Mechanical Engineering Dept., Ajou University, Yongtong-Gu, Rep. of Korea


"I was very pleased with the large number of attendees and the strong international participation mainly from Asian countries. This confirmed to me it was high time to call into being such an international conference focusing on injection moulding. I had a number of very interesting conversations with producers from such countries and was able to establish good contacts with Asian research centers. I hope it will be possible to further expand this conference in the future and that it will attract even greater participation by moulders from all continents."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Steinbichler
Vice President R&D Technologies, ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH, Schwertberg, Austria


“This new IKV conference really surprised me! For me as an industrial user, the combination of topics was a very balanced mix of inspiring future issues and tips and tricks for production that can be incorporated into ongoing series projects. All of this blended perfectly with an afternoon of deep insight into the ideas and results from not one, but three research institutes. The familiar and friendly atmosphere and the numerous opportunities to exchange ideas with trade visitors gave me many starting points for my future work.”

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wolff
Manager Technology Development CFRP, BMW AG, Landshut, Germany